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"The Properties of Matter"
The 5 properties of matter is located below Bressmans reconciliation chart
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The reconciliation of all known things effecting matter as a graph(or chart)

5 properties of matter explaining:

"A gravitational sphere encompassing the known universe."

1. Limit on velocity (this limit suggests retarding and advancing gravitation "all around")(light)

2. Constant velocity (this limit also suggests retarding and advancing "gravitation all around")(light)

3. Behavior of orbits (The fact that planets do not line up according to their density)
""Suggests gravitation perpendicular to travel, is stronger than retarding and advancing gravitation as "gravitation all around."

4.The spectrum of light.
(The spectrum of visible light is suggestive of gravitation perpendicular to the direction of travel causing this spectrum as "particle wiggle.")

5. The expansion of the universe
(this expansion suggests more gravitation outside of the known universe,at the edge of voided/space, than near the center of the known universe)

"Gravitational attraction, exists in any direction traveled, from all around,
as an advancing force, as to pull a particle forward, and as a retarding force,
equally as strong, counter acting forward particle travel
combined, as to limit total velocity, and cause the constant velocity properties of matter.
Knowing that solar systems are traveling through voided/space,
planets are not lined up according to their densities behind the sun.
Gravitational manipulates planetary orbits by density, as to prohibit line up by density.
The planets cannot line up by density, because gravitation all around, perpendicular to travel, prevents such.
Gravitation from the farthest edge of voided/space, a predicted massive subatomic reaction as a sphere and 'energetic wave trajectory/sheer voluminous mass'.
Proposed as a unfathomably large sphere of matter and sub-atomic particles interacting as a powerful gravitational force.

While I have forwarded a view of the Universe, I realize that there maybe several outcomes, in reality, to the Universe as it is.

My view is, that there is evidence to support the gravitation all around theory.
Currently described as a immense sphere encompassing all that is known by men, and immeasurably voluminous.

Joseph E Bressman
USA AND International copyrights apply! all dates, all copies, all revisions Joseph Bressman owner AND author Written: March 2012 / Conceived December 29th 2011 all rights reserved


Joseph E Bressman

these works are owned by Joseph E Bressman copyright 1996 -2012
all rights reserved



Perception and Proportion, as viewed from your mind

Using your imagination visualize the following things:

Br> 1. you are standing where you are, looking out at the place you stand.
2. your shoulders are back, your chest is out.
3. you lift off earth into space through the clouds.
4. raising beyond the blue sphere that is the earth.
5. you hold out your hand,and the earth floats as a tiny blue ball in your out-stretched hand.
6. you travel away from the earth and see the sun.
7. the sun at first is a large ball of orange.
8. as you travel away from the sun.
9. you hold your hand out and the sun is as a tiny speck floating in your hand.
10. you continue to travel away from the sun.
11. coming into view you see a huge swirl of speckled shiny dust.
12. you now see the milky way galaxy as a huge swirling be-speckled mass.
13. slowly, that mass shrinks down, into a bright swirl of dust and shiny dots, suns.
14. you hold out your hand and the entire milky way galaxy is floating in your hand.
15. you continue to travel away out into space, now you see a massive ball.
16. the ball is as if a mass of swirls and speckles.
17. the known universe is now clearly visible as a ball of swirling masses.
18. at first the bright swirling masses are blinding and immense.
19. as you travel away from these masses you hold out your hand and the universe is as a ball of galaxies floating there.
20. you place your hand at your sides and the known universe gets smaller and smaller.
21. now as the known universe is as a tiny ball, your eyes are filled with blue electricity.
22. the blue electricity is as a curved surface of intertwined lightning bolts laying flat.
23. as you become immersed in the field of lightning bolts, you see a more pronounced surface forming a ball.
24. now traveling above that twisted mass of lightning, you see that it is a sphere.
25. you see the blue sphere of twisted lightning be-specked with static electrical hairs.
26. now far off you see the blue lightning sphere is covered with statically charged hairs, like a small ball of chaotic energy.
27. as you look at this amazing sight, you can faintly see the entire known universe shining perfectly inside this blue lightning spherical ball.
28. you travel away from this sight and it becomes smaller as a tiny dot.
29. you hold out your hand and you see the entire universe and beyond, floating there in your hand, everything you have ever known.
30. you place your hands at your side and you see a large cube of matter, as a translucent substance.
31. as you look at this cube of translucent matter, you see the tiny blue sphere within it, as a tiny speck, the known universe in the spherical twisted lightning ball.
32. looking intently, you see this cube become the size of a small dice.
33. you hold out your hand and this tiny cube holding all that exists is in your hand.
34. suddenly there are millions of cubes like dice, all as translucent as the first cube.
35. now as if traveling very very fast away from these millions of cubes, the lines defining these cubes blur, in fact it is as if there were no cubes at all, only translucent matter and only one tiny speck of blue.
36. you are now transfixed in such as is the translucent mass, as if your body were immersed in this translucent substance formerly likened to millions of cubes as tiny dice.
37. you cannot travel any further away, you look up by casting your eyes upward, you are transfixed in this strange translucent place.
38. hands at your side looking upward, you see as if it were, a bowl of darkness and nothingness, you are motionless looking into the bowl of nothingness.
39. as your eyes remain fixed looking into dark nothingness, your feet start to stretch back towards where you have traveled from.
40. with your conscience looking into the bowl of dark nothingness, you step away from your soul, and view your feet as they project back towards the millions of cubes of matter below.
41. your body is as spaghetti as your feet stretch back towards our known universe .
42. a way is opened as your feet accelerate towards that tiny blue speck, which is the spherical blue lightning ball.
43. your feet proceed thought the blue sphere of lightning and towards the be-speckled universe below.
44 your feet travel very fast through the bright spherical universe, and through to the galaxy, and through to our sun.
45 as now you bend your feet past our sun towards the earth.
46. your feet continue to travel past the clouds of earth, back onto the ground.
47 and finally almost instantly your feet touch the exact spot where you are now standing.
48. your eyes, which are still transfixed into the dark bowl of nothingness, far beyond all that exists, begin to slowly close.
49 you imagine yourself as an endless string from beyond all existence, through all of space, connected to your feet on the earth.
50. transfixed in this imagination you take a deep breath.
51. as you let that breath out, your imagination of yourself shatters into a thousand pieces.
52. all that you imagined dissolves into the universe, which you had visualized traveling through.
53. you look back into your soul and realize that you have traveled beyond proportion.
54. as you understand your feet physically pushing against the earth, you understand that you are a machine, as it were, interpreting proportion.
55. through your imagination you have seen the universe as it is, without any proportion, as a human imagination, a mere thought.

As if I had gently held your hand, explaining to you all that I have known, as a secret, unknown to any other person, as viewed from within my own soul and mind.

The universe which is not a Pandoras box, not a Mobius and is also not infinite as we know infinite.

The universe is without end as we understand things that do not end.

This universe is a function of mathematical relationships, as a balanced equation that must always equal 1.

Such as to the "n"th implies that there is a relation of definable quantities, that as a totality explain the functional state of matter intertwined in time and manipulated by vibration as energy.

This thing which I have explained to you all is a universe without end.

all right reserved

international copy right claimed 05-31-2012 Joseph Eric Bressman

all reproduction must credit Joseph Eric Bressman as the author of this material:

Perception and Proportion, as viewed from your mind.

reproduction of this material is not otherwise limited



The Theory of Universe Origin and Creation
By Joseph E Bressman

I hope by now you all accept my theory that the universe is only matter and nothing else except matter.
Space originally was perfectly filled with matter.
"The universe was originally all low density matter that perfectly filled space."

Matter originally had no surface.
Matter originally had low density at zero gravitation.(approaching 0 very little if any)
Matter originally had very low electrical potential. (perhaps 1/millionth of an electron volt per cubic mile of matter/space)

"The universe was originally all low density matter that perfectly filled space."
The all low density matter universe had "limitless" potential energy.
The original state of matter was as if a 4th (5th if you count plasma) phase change "a solid with no true mass or surface".

An event transformed matter (perhaps wave interference) and matter was shattered into particulate which had a surface.(a surface as if it were infinite)
The event that transformed matter led to a void being created as we observe aka "space" which is actually a void in the all matter universe.
This void which is our relative universe is filled with vacuum caused by the property of matter occupying less space.

This void and the matter in it which has immense surface area is acted upon by energy as vibration.
Matter is being transformed into denser and denser forms which displace more void/space and cause gravitation as vacuum/suction.
At a black hole gravitation "flat-lines" since matter can become no denser.(a "one dimensional" object with negative potential energy)
(potential energy is described as "an anticipated ability to propagate vibrations as energy")
Gravitation is described as "vacuum from matter displaced space/void manifesting as the second dimensional force, frictionless attraction."
Therefore vacuum might seem to be a type of surface with no friction at all in fact effected by negative potential energy, ablative to vibration and energy.

Electromagnetism which typically is vibrations acting on the surface of matter is a 3 dimensional force.
Electromagnetism is the property of the surface of matter to vibrate, and a result of gravitational instability in particulate fields,
(caused by the fact that no 3 dimensional field may have typically equal measurements on all axises) particulate matter continually oscillates.
Electromagnetism is a property of matter which counteracts gravitation to some extent.

Some matter is in a state of transition from low density with no surface to high density with 1 surface. (inert matter) (gravitationally effected)
convergent matter

There are several curious properties of matter: limit on velocity, constant velocity, orbital quirks, and over all universe expansion.
These properties are evidence that the universe is all matter with a void in it, and that there are counter acting gravitational forces opposing black holes.(and the known universe)
This evidence of "matter all around" and "gravitation all around" implies that "at least half of all transformed matter" is spherically dwelling at the edge of the space/void.
This edge of of known universe, the outer perimeter of a spherical void in low density matter, may have only highly energetic subatomic particles.
(see also background noise)
These highly energetic subatomic interactions are strongly pulling apart the known universe.

Some matter is acted on by vibration and is perpetually energetic with a nearly infinite surface. (energetic matter)(electromagnetically effected)
divergent matter

The supportive theory is that,
on the edge of the voided area of the spherical universe...,
the particles wildly interact with matter pulled into this outer subatomic field, as the surface area continues to increase.
therefore allowing the vibrations to be conserved, as a divergent reaction allows, as opposed to convergent reactions that ablate vibrations.
this spherical vibration at the edge of the void/space is also somewhat anti gravitational therefore the field must contain far more mass than the observed universe.
At the outer edge matter is subliming into low density "original" matter refilling the voided area in matter space, as the 4th phase of matter, no surface no gravitation matter.
It seems that this is a process by which matter will eventually return to its original state.

Therefore all the heavy objects we see in voided/space are acting on the outer sphere of the void to propagate an intensely energetic reaction.
That reaction then thrashes out original matter via subatomic reactions.(again background measurements suggest near @ 300 gigahertz)
perfectly spoken:
matter fractures and inherits a surface and a container as a void filled with vacuum,
this wave propagates to a limit, as observed, and acts on all matter within a spherical area,
as the depth and limit of vacuum, mass, and density are reached,
so to, on the edge of the spherical void/space, are the limits of vibration and subatomic particulate also reached.
these limits are as measured as happenstance and as the real properties of matter. (as matter is transformed and inherits properties)
as a whole the forces and fields interact seamlessly on matter as could be expected.(as an extension of measurements and properties defined)

while to me the starting point of the reaction seems almost inert, (wave interference)(somehow surface-less matter erupts)
I however guess, that surface area combined, with the void in matter, combined with all that potential energy.....,
lead to the conclusion that an endothermic-exothermic reaction must occur to a totality.
There is limitless potential energy

I have decided that since there is limitless time for these reactions to occur......
it is not unreasonable to believe that original matter simply fractured as a result of wave interference,
and that led to the endothermic exothermic reactions we see in the known universe,
which will one day cause the entire voided area of matter/space to be filled again perfectly with low density matter.

this statement as I have written it may be etched in stone as my
'The Theory of Universe Origin and Creation."

all rights reserved (the story by which the universe is explained in detail)
world wide copyright claimed on this day 05-27-2012

this theory may be reproduced for any reason at anytime however it must be credited to: Joseph Eric Bressman the author

by Joseph E Bressman

anyone can see why I am constantly dropping hints about the violation of time by nuclear reactions....(for now an out and out fantasy)
it is not possible to explain those things which do not exist in the here and now.

I have concluded that ample evidence exists that wave interference caused the universe to transform matter,
and that matter will interact as an endothermic reaction to an exothermic reaction(or visa versa)
to a totality then return to its original state.(via those reactions)

Joseph E Bressman

We (I) cannot ignore the extreme functions of sub-atomic matter,
so interactive and vibrational I must say to you all....
'There is a state of ultimately tiny matter properties, the "God Particle" included,
that is "north and south", an interchangeability dynamic.., as to say, very unstable,
that I must implore everyone to "hold in their hand" all the tiny subatomic particles,
and ask themselves,
"What portion therein lay thee a true "final" energetic (subatomic) matter state?"


I hold these atoms, and see they are 2 things,
I see this proton and it is many things,
these things that I see are all bestowed with electromagnetic properties,
as a resistant state against gravitation.
This resistance to gravitation cannot be from outside the subatomic mass totally....
deep inside this subatomic mass there is a common tiny part of matter,
that is super electromagnetic,
as a function of the limit of small.
the gravitational curve, as convergent matter,
unstable tiny spherical objects, swapping places, as a result of their shape,
not massively dense, massively hard as to cause, constantly colliding,
which as a property of this lighter version of matter,
as an oscillation, not heat, a conserved vibration,
that maybe, must be and quite really is.............
Super elect-magnetisum as
Conserved energy resulting from typical (very subatomic particulate) matter,
colliding within subatomic matter, as to propagate a strong redundant waveform,
which manifests itself as expected onto the various spheres of subatomic particulate.

To say that the secret 'quirk' of subatomic matter lay in the limit of density and the end form of all spheres reacting.
These tiny spheres have a specific "hardness" and roundness enough so as to efficiently produce 'harmonic" vibrations...
These so-called "harmonic" vibrations are actually waveforms as a result of tiny (very subatomic) collisions,.....
which play out as such as to bestow upon matter very energetic properties.....

*Described as not gravitational as a function of trajectory, non-orbital movement, as oscillation acting on "approaching ---->0 mass" tiny hard (very subatomic) spheres.

This being as best as I may explain this based on nuclear implosions producing explosions as opposed to dense gravitational object as might seem probable
(highfalutin nuclear math aside)

Realize that I may easily suggest a route by which,
from with the subatomic world,
surface acting vibrations may eject "extra neutrons" or not...
as a typical circumstance of propagated waves....

Joseph E Bressman



The Totality of Proportion

(a synopsis of universe transforming events)
By Joseph E Bressman @2012 all rights reserved

It is totally reasonable to say that wave interference "ignited" original matter.

Original matter is dry and endless, so over time a reaction may, could and did occur.
This reaction is the probability that eons of time and various minute changes as voltage, acting on original matter,
(the probability that even minute changes could congeal to form gravity and increase voltages)
would pulverize and particulate a vast amount of original matter,(in an equally vast area)
until every electrical potential is/was extracted from the remaining original matter. (the remainder of untransformed original matter)
Some area of matter/space is effected while the remainder of matter/space remains unchanged.

This event (wave interference) is somewhat proven since the universe and the "gravity all around" are perfectly spherical.
This nature of matter to dwell as spherical mass and in a spherical realm,
is evidence that no gravitation existed before such as wave interference transformed original matter.

At the end of all reactions, where energetic matter is trying to break apart and rend black holes,
some part of a black hole cannot be totally dissolved by these intense counter acting subatomic reactions.
It is as if this remaining black constitutes "singularity" it is without proportion the product of wave interference.

I can easily reason that a single electron volt can and will turn some original matter into particulate.
That this electron volt reaction will pull every scintilla energetic potential from original matter,
in an area trillions of light years wide.
Turning all original matter in that area into a virtual gas,
and that dryness and surface area provoke an electromagnetic storm.
and that all this leads to the observed universe as we see it today.

Understand that all those events or that event (wave interference)
leads to a reverse reaction which attempts to return the universe to its original state.
That eventually almost all matter is reconciled back to its original state.
With the obvious exception that some black hole matter,
without proportion, cannot be differentiated from a single electron volt...(by the universe as a whole)
being that the observer may simply move further off as to get a different perspective of proportion.
(men cannot say things get smaller and smaller as you move away, however the universe may say that)

To the observer, human life, both reactions occur and have drastically different properties.
However these two circumstances = 1/n electron volt = n/1 singularity of a black hole (outside of proportion)
are so as is it were, the two circumstance that allow for a balanced equation. 1/n+n/1 (=1)

Another point is we could via happenstance simply dwell at or near the center of the universe.
Since "original matter" looks a lot like slag or froth from a caldron.
It could be that we simply dwell in the body of a redundant endothermic and exothermic reaction.

Sure I offer a starting point from absolute time zero, however perhaps that in and of itself is an illusion
and the energetic properties and spaces act perfectly over time as to be conserved,
especially since the "dynamic' of the proportions of matter, energy, space, and time are present. (to the "n"th)

So the two proposed theories are:
1 from a starting point to an end which is then a starting point
(with us observing from at near the middle point of the reaction)
2 conserved energetic matter cycling along the "outer parameter of each facet" of matter/space/energy
(with us observing as a happenstance inside the reaction)

My theories lay in the circumstance of total fact,
that is to say if all things observed were to be unraveled,
you would see my theory play out.
Or if all things continued as observed,
you would see my theory played out.

I propose two starting points simply because both versions may be true.
The Universe did have a starting point however now is redundantly "endo-exothermic".
However possible it is to know this.....

This theory may be etched into stone.
world wide copy right apply 05-29-2012 Joseph Eric Bressman
republication for any reason is ok however Joseph E Bressman must be credited by as the author

I Joseph E Bressman am the sole owner of these works:


"The Totality of Proportion"
(a synopsis of universe transforming events)

What is the universe made of?
The universe is made of matter.
The universe and the matter in it occupy an area described as space.
Matter is a single substance,a (media) that once filled the entire area of space.
The vacuum in space is a result of matter occupying less and less space.
Vibrations, as energy, are the precursors of life and the elements.
Wave interference is the dynamic that created life and all things.


The Gas Theory

By Joseph E Bressman ©2011


The Gas Theory is the occupied space theory.
This theory states that the Universe was originally all matter.
The theory is based on the fact that,
a vacuum can only be created when work is done, as matter occupies less space.
The exact proportion and density of "original matter" was mass ----> "0"
as an "undefined" yet absolute value.
The original state of matter is as a solid substance.
In our sphere of the universe subatomic matter acts to cause the 4th phase change in matter.

This predicted 4th state of matter is the "original form" of matter.

It is predicted and believed that energetic subatomic matter effected by an ubiquitous and transcendent,

"Spherical Frontier Wave" creates an equally ubiquitous and transcendent "perforation sphere" that oozes 4th phase state matter,

into the mass of still exising "original state matter".

The Gas Theory states:

1 Space is infinite = n/1 (as an area)
2 Matter is infinite = n/1 (originally filled space perfectly)
3 Time is infinite (as measured)
4 Energy is the reactant (typically acts upon matter)

Space in the infinite area in which the entire universe exists.

There is no law or proof that vacuum is space.

Space is an area.

Vacuum is a measurable quantity caused by matter occupying less space.

“The Gas Theory” synopsis.

"The Gas Theory" Revised

Diagram of the Universe

The First and Last Word

An examination of Nuclear Reactions
(and the effect of those reaction on time)



An examination of the Void in Matter and of Energy Effecting Matter

The balance between the known universe
and the predicted subatomic layer of the universe
The value proton/1 = TO THE LIMIT ---> proton/1 in effected area of space

Explaining the limit on velocity
The constant velocity
and Orbital properties
as a relation to gravitation all around

So called quantum as a nuclear reaction schematic

The reconciliation of all known things effecting matter as a graph

Another look at the predicted form of the universe

Saying that "gravity dilation" follows the 90/10 rule
trajectory degrades 10 x faster if mass = 90% of a proton
or trajectory is preserved 90% when object mass is 1/10 of a proton
when mass = 100%(of a proton) = 0 trajectory
saying that if counteracting gravitation "x = x"
then the black hole must destabilize counteracting gravitation by % 's (10x a proton)
however the value of density is limited to % to the limit 10x a proton ---->100X a proton(as measured)



these notes are corrected to reflect several outcomes of how the universe is actually constructed

1 the universe is virtually all particulate and our know universe is the focal point gravitationally speaking

2 the universe is virtually all still "original matter" with only a layer of transitional subatomic matter
Protons in fields as gasses and liquids easily suggest that all (dense) particles align in 3 dimensional fields.
These protons are formed because they are betwixt black holes and a universe filled with subatomic particles in a 3 dimensional field.
The universe which is completely infinite is acting to restore all matter to perfectly aligned subatomic matter.
This supports “The Gas Theory” saying that the universe started as a surface-less non particulate low density “substance”.
Since this “substance’ had potential energy and it makes sense that it could at some point “break apart” and form particulate matter.
The expansion of the universe suggests more like an infinite quantity of “proton bits” as sub atomic particles in a specific order,
are acting on our known universe, to stop it from “lumping into black holes”.
Our share of the “heavy and mingled object universe” is just the happenstance of the “nearest to the location” that the “original break” in the “original state” of matter occurred.
We can see all the things that formed and made life possible.
Why be tempted to say the universe is not truly infinite?

Beyond our share of this universe is a universe filled with “my imaginary subatomic matter aligned in fields.
These fields act on the observed universe to try to prevent it from forming any more heavy objects.
These fields also share the common properties 1. gravitational neutrality 2. “cross measurement” oscillations
As the particles relate to our universe these 2 properties coupled with black hole gravitation propagate our observed universe.
soon or later every object that is “larger” than an “imaginary (theoretical) 1/proton cubed” “proton bit” will reconcile to the subatomic field.
Then that field will evaporate back into a gas...... an exothermic reaction followed by an endothermic reaction in eons of (our) time.

Joseph Eric Bressman


San Francisco California



This revision will serve as “The Gas Theory” synopsis.
I urge you all to use known and typical measurements to quantify the so-called “god particle”. (imaginary (theoretical) 1/proton cubed)

The absolute math for the Gas Theory:

n/1 matter + energy =

(n/1 vacuum + (1/n matter - energy))

The starting point is theoretical:

Matter n/1 + (time) + n/1 energy

= vacuum n/1 + (matter 1/n - n/1 energy)

- (elapsed time “n”)

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The GAS THEORY states that a GAS in some low density form or equal to or proportional to:


is/was the "original substance".

A type of extremely low density gas with no form, or properties.

This gas had POTENTIAL energy.

Ironically only because it was substance and had mass....

This GAS was...

At a single volume, pressure, and temperature.

Wave interference over eons of time eventually caused a change of state.

First the GAS condensed some. (doing work creating the first vacuum)

Then the GAS developed some properties...

1st, the variation of volume...
from vacuum/MATTER

2nd, the variation of pressure...

3rd, the variation of temperature...

4th, friction developed (KINETIC ENERGY)...
This CAUSED electrical activity, condensations and...

"Dynamic cosmic relationships"

A gaseous-energetic clouds of "Microwave laden matter/energy and matter/vacuum reactions."

All these (1-4) CAUSED and CREATED



All this lead to the universe as we know it..

Matter which we know exists and is the basis for all things remains the foundation of all things....

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Matter CREATES Vacuum from a void in MATTER

The events that are described are evidenced as matter doing work creating the vacuum of space.

The “all matter” starting point is "Reasonable and logical".

Because there is something. (Matter)

If there were nothing even nothing is something..

However, if there were nothing then life could not exist.

The Math...

n = "unknown quantity" any number not 0 not negative

1/n x (of a helium atom) = Some equivalent inert “medii”

The universe

calculated at the starting point =

n/1 matter and 1/n vacuum + (n/1)energy + time

"n/1 matter/ 1/n vacuum + n/1 energy =

n/1 vacuum/ 1/n matter - n/1 energy - time"

Vacuum "was" created by this. A VOID in Space was opened.


""infinite matter and little vacuum equals infinite vacuum and little matter with energy being the reactant" OR
matter/vacuum plus energy plus time equals vacuum/matter minus energy minus time"

(matter/vacuum)+ n/1 energy

= (vacuum/matter) - n/1 energy

Joseph E Bressman


a vacuum can only be created when work is done

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bressman All rights reserved.!